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Some examples of jobs that are currently available:

Graduate Assistant Conference Producer

Graduate job in Manchester:

If you love speaking with people, and organising things then this could be your ideal role.

You’ll be helping to plan and organise a series of events. 

Graduate Claims Handler Ideal if you like negotiation and a challenge

Graduate job in Sidcup:

Handling a series of claims related to the transport industry and negotiating settlements. Ideal if you like solving problems.

Any degree subject is ok.  


Graduate Transport Planner

Graduate job in Nottingham

You may not know what a Transport Planner does, but it’s a very important job, and one with great prospects.

There is some flexibility on degree type, though the preferred ones would be Geography, Maths, or Civil Engineering.

Graduate Data Analyst

Graduate job in Staffordshire

You’ll be analysing a range of data, and working on projects.

Ideal for a Chemistry graduate, though other degrees will be considered.

This is more of a business role, not IT, so you won’t just be relying on using computers to do the analysis.



Is there a cost to me? No- not a penny. Employers pay me to find students and graduates that they don’t have the time, skills, profile, or contacts, to find. And no, my fee will not come out of your salary, or affect you in any way. It’s the same as when a business pays for the services of an accountant, or an IT or business consultant: it’s a professional service that I offer, and one that they are happy to pay for.

What businesses do you work with? You can find out more about SMEs here I have a huge network of employers that I work with, and find and contact new ones each day. They are from from a wide variety of industry sectors and locations. So, the jobs that I have available at any one time can vary.

How does it work? Employers ask me to find students and graduates who they are not able to find themselves. These employers usually only recruit small numbers of graduates. It’s vital that they make the right hire. Someone who has the required skills, enthusiasm, and long-term interest. There are various things I do to assess this. 

The opportunities I have are generally when the business needs someone and can be at various times of the year. There is always a lot of interest, and a key part of my role is to narrow this down to a small number who will the employer will interview. I also look to find out what students and graduates are looking for so there is a good mutual match. Find out more hereWhen applying, it’s important that your application is relevant and strong, as you need to stand out and show genuine interest.  You can see hints and tips in the blogs and advice section of this website.

Where can I see the available jobs?  Any job vacancies I am working on will usually be advertised in the career opportunities section of this website. They are also on Instagram sme_graduate_employment and Twitter @SMEgraduates

Can you find me a job? I can’t get everyone a job, I wish I could. But I have got plenty of undergraduates and graduates work over the years and will continue to do so.  My work is largely employer-led in that when a vacancy is available I will look for suitable candidates. The jobs I have on at any one time can vary in terms of location and job type. 

It’s always worth getting in contact, as something suitable could come up at any time.

I do also let employers know about carefully-selected and particularly strong candidates who are available in their area.

What help can you give me? I will give you guidance on your application, and should you be selected for interview there is also a lot of help, advice, and support that I can give. If successful, I will also be there for you when you start your new role, and happy to discuss any issues you may have as you settle in. See the recommendations on the right of this page to see how I have helped others.

I am contacted by hundreds of people each week, and unfortunately I am not able to help everyone. It’s just me in the business, this is through choice, as everyone who deals with me will have the benefit of my experience and I don’t need to delegate anything.

It does mean that I am very busy, and my main focus does need to be on students and graduates who are going forward for currently available jobs. But if we have spoken to some extent I will definitely bear you in mind should something suitable come up, though please be aware that I am probably not going to be able to be in regular contact unless I am speaking with you about a specific role.

You can find advice in various areas in the ‘blogs and advice’ section. If you are finding it difficult to get a graduate role I would also strongly recommend contacting your university careers department, if you have not already done so, as they can offer loads of help and support.

Do you have any charity partners? Yes, and I make a donation to both all 3 each time a placement is made. Details below:

IntoUniversity helps young people growing up in Britain’s least privileged areas to make the most of their education,  by offering a safe space to learn, explore, and succeed. https://intouniversity.org/

Max’s Foundation funds research into the screening, detection, and treatment of genetic heart conditions in children. https://www.maxsfoundation.org.uk/

Tourettes Action: I have this condition myself, though not to the extent of many people. I am largely able to function well, and have learned how to hide it to some extent. Over 300,000 children and adults are living with Tourettes Syndrome in the UK, and the severity of symptoms can vary. It’s not affected my work, but it’s not much fun at times. The charity does great research, and offers support to those with this much misunderstood condition. https://www.tourettes-action.org.uk/

SME Graduate Employment is also a partner of the Womens’s Engineering Society. The WES supports and inspires women to achieve as engineers, and scientists; and encourages the education of engineering. https://www.wes.org.uk/

How do we know you are reputable? I understand the need to be careful, as there are some agencies out there who are not reputable. There are ways you can assess quality and reputation: for example my years of experience, and Google and LinkedIn reviews and recommendations (some of which can be seen in the testimonials section of this page). 

I have seen one or two university websites that say you should only deal with recruiters who are members of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, but this is very misleading. The REC is an opt-in industry association, with a cost, and most recruiters are not members. I have looked into membership, but chose not to pay over £1,000 to join. As you will see above, I prefer to spend money with the charities and the diversity-focused organisation that SME Graduate Employment partners with.

Membership can be a sign of quality, but it is far from the only one. There are best practices that members need to adhere to, but this does not mean that non-members do not follow the same best practices, or are not reputable. Nor that REC members are automatically better. 

Are all your jobs real? Yes, 100%. I know some agencies do post jobs that are not real, but it is not something I ever do. Apart from the moral reasons, I do not have the time, or the need, to do this. I always have a wide range of roles to work on, and a huge range of employers who I work with.

About me

Thank you for visiting my website. I am Matthew Parry, Director of SME Graduate Employment. I specialise in connecting graduates and undergraduates with small to medium sized businesses (SMEs). Covering internships, placements and permanent positions. Across most industry sectors and job types, and in all areas of the UK. It’s just me in the business. I have kept it that way so anyone who deals with me gets the benefit of my years of experience- I don’t need to delegate anything.

You can see loads of recommendations from other students and graduates who I have helped (to the right, or scroll down depending how you are viewing this).

I started my recruitment career in 2005, and over the years I have filled a huge range of job vacancies. From entry level, right up to CEO. And across many business sectors. 

Since 2016, I have chosen to specialise in working with undergraduates and graduates. I enjoy this as students and graduates are beginning their career journey and often have a lot of potential, but need a bit of extra help. It’s great to see how many of the graduates who I have found work for have progressed over the years, and have gone on to have very successful careers.

As you will see from my picture, I was once a graduate myself. I didn’t get much careers support when I was at university, and while things have improved hugely in the years since then, there is still much to do. I am glad to be able to help where I can. See the ‘Frequently asked questions’ section above for more information on how it works.

There are a lot of businesses that I already work with, and I speak with new businesses every day. Some of them have not employed undergraduates or graduates before, and I am able to consult with them about what they are missing out on. Others already believe in the importance of working with students and graduates,  but have had difficulty finding the right ones – which is where I help them.

If you are interested in being considered for suitable positions please send your CV to cv@sme-graduates.co.uk together with a summary of what you are ideally looking for.

Matthew Parry, Director SME Graduate Employment

Here are some testimonials from delighted students and graduates who I have helped. These and many more can be viewed in full on my LinkedIn profile:

  • I worked with many recruiters throughout my post-university job search and Matthew was by far the best. 
  • I have dealt with several recruitment professionals and by far Matthew is head and shoulders above the rest. I had the pleasure of dealing with Matthew recently when applying for the position I have now. He is extremely efficient and an excellent communicator always making sure I fully understood the process and had all the information I required. Responses to any questions I had were very thorough and swift even outside of normal office hours. The reputation of the company looking to recruit was reflected in Matthew’s professionalism which did encourage me to accept the position. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Matthew to both employers and anyone looking for a graduate role.
  • I highly recommend Matthew for his knowledge, experience and he is caring about his prospective applicants. Without him, I doubt I would have managed to gain employment in my chosen field.
  • Matthew helped me secure an amazing job, ringing me the day after I applied to offer advice and altering my CV for the role and giving information to make sure I was still interested.
  • Very fast and efficient recruiter. Feels like he wants the best job for you and doesn’t push you towards anything. Highly recommend.
  • Matthew maintains a good rapport with the graduates seeking a career entry with effective communication. I would suggest him as a perfect recruiter from job seeker’s perspective.
  • Matt has been a very important figure in securing my current role and I will be forever grateful. He is extremely good at replying fast and having all the answers. He took the stress out of finding a job for me and made everything simple.
  • I am so grateful to Matthew for securing me a position. He kept in touch throughout the recruitment process with regular updates, and I really appreciate the hard work he put in to find me a role, especially during the pandemic.
  • Matthew helped me get a graduate job in my desired field this summer, he was wonderful to work with and incredibly helpful and supportive with interview prep and keeping me in the loop. If I had any questions he was always available to help. I would highly recommend Matthew for anyone looking for employment in the future!
  • I owe a massive thank you to Matthew for his support and guidance throughout the process and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any student or graduate looking for work.
  • I had a wonderful experience working with Matthew during my graduate job search this summer. Thanks to his expertise and support, I was able to pass numerous interview stages and successfully secure my dream job. He checked in with me and communicated with me at every step of the way, and I always felt that I could come to him with any questions or concerns that I had about my job hunt. I would very highly recommend Matthew to anyone looking for the next step in their career!
  • The guidance and support Matthew provided me with when preparing for interviews/assessment days differentiated him from any other recruiter I’ve worked with, and he clearly is extremely dedicated and enthusiastic towards his job. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone looking to start their career in a graduate role or placement.
  • Matthew did everything he could to help me secure my placement. He offered great advice for me to prepare for phone and video interviews. After my previous placement was cancelled, he secured me an interview within a week and without his help I would not currently be undertaking my placement year. I have now started my placement and Matthew regularly checks in to see how things are going to ensure that I have no issues. I am very grateful for your help and would highly recommend you to everyone, thank you.
  • Really friendly and efficient. He did all the legwork and found me a job role I would never have seen otherwise. Gave me the information and guidance to make everything easy.
  • Matthew reached out to me with a graduate position during my job search which wasn’t directly related to my education or the jobs I was applying for but turned out to be very relevant to my interests and at a great company to kick start my career. He was very proactive and professional during my application giving me lots of info about the company and making sure I had everything I needed. I highly recommend Matthew to anyone looking to start or further their career.
  • Matthew is a great person, very professional and dedicated to his work. He was extremely helpful and supportive during my recruitment process. He is a great listener, and a person full of empathy, who is always happy to help. I was lucky to be Matthew’s client and I can recommend his services to everyone who is looking for new professional challenges.
  • Matthew Parry is an excellent recruitment consultant to work with providing detailed insight and advice for the position that you may be looking to apply to. His friendly and communicative approach to the entire recruitment process meant that he kept me updated and in the loop without me having to chase after him, which is rare in my experience with many recruiters. He provided me with information as well as resources showing key preparation that you should do before any interview to ensure I was well equipped for anything that the interviewer may have asked. This allowed me to focus on showing my best self during the interviews. Overall, Matthew is a recruiter that made the relatively difficult process of looking for jobs a smooth and pleasant experience. Matthew was absolutely critical in me attaining the position that I was aiming for and for everything that he did I would like to give him a big thank you!
  • Matthew was so helpful during the recruitment process for my new job. I was always kept up-to-date with what was happening during the entire process. He gave me great advice for my application and the interview as well. I have spoken to many recruiters and Matthew is one of the most reliable people I have spoken to. As a candidate, reliability and honesty are the best traits a recruiter can have and I can think of no better words to describe Matthew
  • Matthew was a great help throughout my graduate recruitment process. He was fully knowledgeable of the company and the role itself and was always happy to answer any questions. Matthews skills matched me to my dream opportunity.
  • Matthew is a very kind and helpful man, who helped me through the application to get my current internship. He was helpful and also very attentive, making sure I had answers to any questions I had. Would highly recommend dealing with him for future applications.
  • Matthew is a standout professional in his field. He showed support, respect and dedication during my process of getting a new role. Thank you very much! Keep up the great work!
  • I had been out of my last position for 2 months. Matthew approached me with a position I couldn’t say no to. Throughout the whole process he guided me with precision and prepared me in order to get me my first career presentation down to the highest level as possible. I was kept up-to-date and did not need to ask for additional information, he supplied everything I needed from the start of the process even when the process was complete. Matthew went above and beyond and I am highly appreciative of the work he put in during the process. I am developing quickly in my new role and also enjoying it. I have recommended Matthew to a few of my friends as well.
  • I had just quit a miserable job when Matthew rang me out of the blue with an opportunity in medical communications. It did sound right up my street so I went for the interview. Matthew was incredibly supportive in the lead-up, making sure I felt prepared for the interview. Matthew remained involved even after I got the job, checking in with how the interview went and offering his help with anything new-job related as I found my feet. Five months down the line, I still love the job and am so grateful to Matthew for bringing this opportunity to my attention.
  • Firstly Matthew is a wonderful and approachable person who is all about securing you a position that is right for you from day one. The recruitment process was seamless for myself with constant updates from the first casual chat. As a result of my interaction with Matthew I have landed a full time position in an area specific to my previous achievements and skills with the added ability of training and growth on a personal level. I can only say anything positive about Matthew’s processes and would recommend if you are approached by Matthew to seriously consider his services!
  • Matthew has been excellent. He recommended to me a role that I was very well suited to. He helped me both in my application, and upon receiving an offer, helped me to settle in quickly; I was kept up to date with all the information I required and I never had to ask for additional information, he supplied everything I needed. Matthew went above and beyond and I am highly appreciative of the work he has put in. I am developing quickly in my new role and it is clear cut as to how I can progress my career in procurement.
  • Matthew was a great help to me in my search for a new position, he offered me as much information as he could to ensure the role was something I wanted to pursue and that it was a right fit for me. Normally you don’t hear from Recruiters after the interview but he called to see how everything went and was genuinely interested, and still dropped me a line months after. I would strongly recommend Matthew to any Graduate looking for the right steps in their career.
  • Matthew was very professional and helpful throughout my application process. He provided me with tips and ideas to improve my CV which I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for the support!
  • Matthew recruited me into my current role working in HR. He was extremely professional, helpful & friendly and always kept me updated throughout the recruitment process. Thank you Matthew for supporting me into my role, you have been great!
  • Very professional service
  • A fantastic recruiter who was helpful throughout my application process.
  • Great from start to finish. Helped me find a fantastic workplace, in a role that I wanted. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to find work in a SME to consider Matthew.
  • Matthew was a great help to me during my application and interview process, he helped me decide whether the job was right for me and also gave valuable advice and information to help with the interview process. Would definitely recommend to other graduates when looking for jobs post uni!
  • Matthew was a great help to me in securing a recent placement. Not only did he go above and beyond to help me through the process he also followed up with regular check-ins once I had started and settled in. Very kind and great communication. He makes sure the needs of the business suit your personal needs and ensures it is the best place for you to be.
  • Matthew was very helpful and supportive in my search for a post university job!
  • Matthew Parry is the most helpful, resourceful and involved recruiter I have been lucky enough to have found. He was possibly the single biggest assister in my job search endeavours. The help he gave me was not as simple as being the middle man between the hirer and the hire instead he help me in identifying areas of improvement and gave me insights that I never considered, which I believe drastically improved my employability. I am very happy to recommend Mathew Parry as a unique, highly professional, results-driven and creative specialist recruiter.

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