There are many reasons why SMEs can benefit from employing graduates. Here are a few:

  • Graduates tend to be quick learners, and can generally pick up new skills.
  • They can easily be taught and learn your specific needs. 
  • You’ll get fresh ideas and also new ways of thinking.
  • Many businesses are struggling to find experienced people. An alternative is to take on a graduate. Yes, they will require some additional training, but this can be better than searching indefinitely for someone who may not exist.
  • Even for specialist jobs, there will usually be a degree with some relevance, where existing knowledge can be built on.
  • Many businesses have a succession planning issue; with older staff getting towards retirement age and not being replaced. Graduates can form part of a plan to replace them.
  • There is a skills gap in many areas; employing graduates can be a particularly good way to address this.
  • Research has shown that a diverse workforce can lead to lead to increased productivity and creativity. Graduates are an especially good way to help develop this diversity.
  • You’ll get access to the latest industry updates from the degree. And graduates will often be familiar with new technologies.
  • Some businesses always look for experienced people from the same industry; to do so risks missing out on a fresh outlook and new perspective.
  • Graduates can often offer a bit extra; you may have staff who do a good, solid job, but can’t take on additional projects that involve a bit more. For example, analysis or research.
  • It doesn’t need to be a formal graduate scheme; it can be any time of the year. Whenever you have a requirement.

The graduates I work with all have some kind of work experience; sometimes it’s directly relevant.

Smaller businesses: graduates are for you, too.

I hope this has been if interest and that you can see why SMEs can benefit from employing graduates. If you have any comments or would like to discuss anything in more depth please let me know.

Matthew Parry,
Director. SME Graduate Employment

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